Frequently Asked Questions.

Burning Oil

As a primary provider of Oil, Fuel, Lubricants and Tanks in Stark and Surrounding Counties, McIntosh Oil gets asked regular questions.
Here are some that come up frequently!

How much heating oil will I use in a heating season?

It varies; each house is a different size, insulation/R-Factor, and furnaces can be much different in efficiency rating.

Is there a minimum amount of gallons required for delivery?

Yes, normally 150 gallons.

What is an "Automatic Customer"?

Automatic customers are filled by McIntosh Oil Company automatically year around. If you run out of fuel, the service is free to get your furnace running again. We also require customers who are on automatic fill to keep their account current, or automatic delivery will be curtailed.

Is heating oil a smart choice when you build?

It certainly is a smart choice. During an era when the cost of all fuels are going up a customer needs to compare using the BTU comparison charts. According to the consumer energy council , switching from oil to gas is an outright money loser.

How much lead time do I need when placing an order?

Usually 1 or 2 days, but during busy times or cold weather, we need more notice.

Does #1 heating oil burn cleaner than #2 heating oil?

Yes it does, but there are less BTU’s in #1 heating oil.

What happens when I run out of heating fuel?

Your furnace will quit and you may have to have it started by a technician. If you have a one line system, the lines will have to be bled before your furnace will start. This service call can cost money which could have been spent on heating fuel.

When should I call to have my heating oil tank filled?

A good rule of thumb is to call when your tank is on 1/4 mark.

How often should I have my Furnace/Boiler serviced?

We suggest once a year. This promotes safe, efficient operation.

How can I contact you with more questions?

About McIntosh and Our Oil

What is McIntosh Oil's Coverage Area?

McIntosh Oil routinely delivers to customers in a 75 mile radius from our facility in Canton, Ohio. Customers outside of this area can call for availability.

What Payment Options does McIntosh Oil Accept?

McIntosh Oil can establish credit with the majority of our customers who are then invoiced through the mail. We also accept cash, corporate checks, credit cards or money orders. Please call if you have any questions concerning payment options.

Can I Pick Up My Order?

Absolutely Рwe have a customer service loading bay for those customers wishing to visit our facility to pick-up their orders.  An advanced call to the office will ensure that your order will be ready when you arrive. Please call the office if you need directions.

Do Your Gasoline Products Contain Alcohol?

McIntosh Oil does not mix alcohol in their gasoline products. Some competitors will do this to gain a price advantage, but this type of fuel can damage engine parts and does not provide good gas mileage.

Can I Use Racing Fuel in a Regular Vehicle?

No – racing fuel is a leaded product and does not conform to today’s engine requirements nor government standards for automotive or light truck vehicle engine emissions.