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McIntosh Oil Company proudly distributes nationally known and trusted products to give your business the reliability and competitive advantage it needs!.

We Are Proud Distributors Of The Following Nationally Recognized Products

Wolf's Head Motor Oil Company

PennzSuppress Dust Control

Union 76 Lubricants

VP Racing Fuels

Gulf Oil Company

Amalie Oil

Schaeffer Oil




Shell Oil

BP Oil

Plus These Fine Products:

Fuel Oil Heating Products – Antifreeze Products – Starting & Brake Fluids – Rags & Accessory Products.

Full Product List

The following products are available at McIntosh Oil Company:

Engine Oils:
Automotive, Trucks, Farm, Diesel, Natural Gas, Two Cycle

Industrial Oils:
Compressor Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Cylinder Oil, General Purpose Oil, Circulating System Oil, Way Oil, Spindle Oil, Heat Transfer Oil, Gear Oil, Cutting Oil, Soluble Oils

Gear Lubricants:
Transmission, Differential Drive Axles, Synthetic Gear Lubes

Lube & Oil Equipment:
Oil Measures, Funnels, Grease Guns, Lube Pumps, Gun Loader Pumps, Drum Pumps, Drum Dollies, Pump Oil Cans, Drum Stands, Pour Spouts, 1, 2 & 5 Gallon Containers

Lubricating Grease:
Molybdenum Disulfide, Multipurpose, Industrial

Transmission Fluids:
Multipurpose, Automatic (Ford), Hydrostatic Construction Equipment, Industrial Tractors, Farm, C-3 Detroit Allison

Miscellaneous Products:
Antifreeze, Bags of Rags, Brake Fluid, Dry Gas, Diesel Fuel Conditioner, Starting Fluid, Oil Dry, Mineral Spirits, Ice Melt, Windshield Washer Fluid, Valve Guard Lead Substitute

Industrial Greases:
Extreme Pressure, High Pressure, Water Resistant, Multipurpose, Open Gear & Chain, Automotive Synthetic

Synthetic Products:
Engine Oils, Gear Lubricants, Industrial Oils, Industrial Greases, Transmission Fluids, Automotive & Truck Greases

Bulk Fuels:
Gasolines, Solvent, Diesel Fuel on & off Highway, Super Diesel on & off Highway, K-1 Kerosene, #2 Heating Oil, #1 Heating Oil

Bulk Oils:
Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Two Cycle Oils

Heating Service:
Oil Tanks & Well Stocked Service Trucks

Fuel Storage Tanks & Equipment:
Tank and Equipment Sales, Rental & Leasing, Heating Oil, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel Tanks, Above Ground, Below Ground, Single Wall, Dual Wall, Dike Tanks, Pumps & Meters, Accessories, Petroleum Equipment, Fuel Nozzles, Gauge Sticks, Hoses, Tank Labels & Stickers

So remember to get in touch with us for any of the following products! Don’t miss out on amazing service and quality products at a price you deserve!

  • Heating Oil
  • Gasoline
  • Racing Fuel
  • Diesel Fuel
  • K-1 Kerosene
  • Farm and Fleet Fueling
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Automatic, Industrial, and Multipurpose Transmission Fluids
  • Oil Burner Parts
  • Much More!